A few years ago something important occurred to me. Being a painter shouldn’t involve this much bullshit! The bullshit I’m referring to is of course everything the contemporary artist is supposed to do… except making art.

Marketing, organising exhibitions and “networking” whatever that is… I never quite figured that one out. As far as I understand “networking” is pretending to be someone’s friend if they are in a position to further you career? What normal people used to call being a fake piece of shit. I could be wrong though. I told you I’m not good at this.

Anyway it wasn’t enjoying myself so I decided that peddling my wares at the kind of venues that would actually allow me to exhibit without knowing someone “important” just wasn’t worth it and I semi-retired from my semi-professional career as an artist. I kept painting though. Painting for myself, painting for fun. Now and then old customers and people who had seen my work in other people’s homes would seek me out and buy something. Just enough to keep the ball rolling… and I wasn’t doing any “networking” at all.

This happened often enough to make me doubt the necessity of self-promotion and sucking up to non-artists in positions of power. What if I could cut out the middleman and suck up to the people who actually buy paintings instead? After all I like collectors, a lot more than most gallery owners. Collectors give me money their hard earned money, and we like the same art.

We share the same madness. I think most collectors are basically artists who were sent to business school by their parents.

That’s why I have built theindependentartist.biz. Hopefully I can keep a bigger piece of a smaller pie while offering the collector more pie for his money. I may be naive but it’s very difficult for me to see the downside. Everyone likes pie right? If I can get to know some cool people in the process that’s great too.

So, if you see anything you like, I have made it real easy to get it. Just like buying a book or a new computer. No need to go to a dark, dank hole in the wall in some awful part of town and ask for the “secret” price when you need more art in your life. You buy, I ship. If you change your mind you can return it. Same as every other thing you ever bought. The way it should be.

Richard Vännström

Visit my store: http://theindependentartist.biz/